Herbgrow Leave-in-Treatment (300 ml / 10 fl. oz.)


Herbgrow Leave-In-Hair Treatment is a product to provide nutrient to hair and scalp with natural herb ingredients. The herb ingredients were selected with careful examination and obtained by separating active ingredients such as Ginseng Root, Thya Occidentalis Leaf, Laminaria Japonica, Acorus Calamus Root, and Glycine Soja Seed, etc. Herbgrow Leave-In-Hair Treatment provides necessary nutrient to damaged scalp that cause the hair loss and provides active ingredients that helps hair grow healthy and shinny as well as UV Protection. Herbgrow Leave-In-Hair Treatment also has natural herb aroma to leave your hair smelling great. Protect your hair from stress, pollution and sun. Directions: 1. After shampooing your hair, apply Herbgrow Leave-In-Hair Treatment without rinse. 2. Brush or comb your hair after applying Herbgrow Leave-In-Hair Treatment and blow dry as necessary. 3. Use the Herbgrow Leave-In-Hair Treatment up to two times a day for best results. Warnings: Wash thoroughly if it gets into your eyes and consult Doctor if it is necessary. This product has haling natural herb ingredient but if it irritates your skin, stop using it. Result may very depending on individual. Made in USA


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